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Game Programming for Teens, автор Maneesh Sethi (англ.) - Электронные книги

Название: Game Programming for Teens, автор Maneesh Sethi (англ.)
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Описание: Описание товара Game Programming for Teens, автор Maneesh Sethi (англ.)

This book is meant to be a guide to teach any beginner how to design and develop games. Inside the book you will find a wealth of knowledge all written in mind to help you reach the goal of making a game. Each chapter builds on the previous chapters and makes the book seem like a staircase—you move up step by step. The last chapter helps use all of your culminated knowledge in the production of a final game. Part I discusses the BlitzPlus language. During this time, the book does not discuss graphical programs, but instead uses text-based to get the language points across. Part II teaches the reader all about graphics within games. There is such information as varying colors, loading and displaying images, making scrolling backgrounds, and things like that. Part III examines other related parts to game programming. The reader can learn how to use keyboard input, sounds, and music, and take into account artificial intelligence. This part also creates the final game that the book has been leading up to. Part IV contains all the appendixes for the book. You will find all of the scan codes (for handling input), a list of Web sites to further your knowledge in the field, and what is on the CD.

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Формат: файлы .pdf
Объем: 384 стр.
Издательство: Thomson Course Technology PTR

Part I: The Basics of BASIC
Chapter 1 Getting Started
Chapter 2 Getting to Know BASIC
Chapter 3 Loops, Functions, Arrays, and Types
Chapter 4 The Style Factor
Part II: Getting Graphical
Chapter 5 Beginning Graphics
Chapter 6 Page Flipping and Pixel Plotting
Chapter 7 Basic Image Programming
Chapter 8 Animation
Chapter 9 Collision Detection
Part III: Completing the Puzzle
Chapter 10 Handling Input
Chapter 11 Sounds and Music
Chapter 12 Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 13 The Final Frontier: Invaderz!!!
Part IV: Appendixes
Appendix A Scan Code Reference
Appendix B Useful Links
Appendix C What’s on the CD

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Game Programming for Teens, автор Maneesh Sethi (англ.)
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